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Beginners can learn to ski or board in a safe environment without the bruises and possible injury.  Year-round training for all levels and ages. Virtual Snow provides Ski and Snowboard instruction on state of the art simulators in a controlled indoor environment here in Southern California.  All equipment included. We offer Ski and Snowboard lessons, classes and advanced training centrally located in Newport Beach / Costa Mesa next the the airport just off the 75 and 55. (map). Other nearby locations include Virtual Snow in Santa Monica and on the slopes at Mt High.

Already Know How?

Although most of our clients are beginners, it is people who have some experience that can benefit the most.  If you are a boarder who is doing OK, but still having a little trouble in some areas, an hour clinic can get you to a whole new level.  Learning a couple of new techniques or breaking a bad habit can make a huge difference.

If you are an intermediate skier an hour or two may be all you need to get to the next step. It is easy for skiers to get stuck in a rut, plateau and not improve much for years.  We can break through that barrier.

Going on a week-long ski/board trip?

Many people go away once  a year for a week, but don't do much else the rest of year.  They spend a lot of money for a week at a resort. They are rusty the first day, sore the second day and tired the third day, and often take time off the fourth day.  By Friday or Saturday they are ready to go. Don't let this happen to you. Come to Virtual Snow a couple of times before your trip to get tuned up, review your technique, get your muscles stretched out and then get your money's worth on your trip.

The average lesson package costs less than a pair of skis. Prices for introductions and training packages vary from season to season and depends on your individual needs. The introductory session costs from $80 to $160. You get your money's worth. Ask for our specials.

In Newport Beach / Costa Mesa by the 55 and 73. - Get More Directions

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